The funds from the mushrooms in the foot

Athlete's foot stop – joint disease. It is easy to be infected at the beach, in the pool and in the sauna. Fungal infection of the foot causes itching, irritation, bad smell. Cure the disease not only. To get rid of the fungus, requires a lot of time, from a few months to a year. Therapy should be initiated as soon as possible, while the medications chosen correctly. If cured without consulting with a dermatologist, it does not lead to the end of the course, the fungus doesn't disappear completely. Athlete's foot will soon resume, acquire heavy and running the module.


Drugs from fungi local action

Anti-fungal medications are available in the form of:

  • ointments and creams;
  • solutions;
  • spray.

All drugs, regardless of their prices and the manufacturer, faced with a fungal infection. But take the medicine must be individually. When you consider the reactions of the body of a patient on these or any other medications. Also with the help of a curettage determines the sensitivity of the fungus to antifungal therapy.

Low-cost the medication does not mean lack of effectiveness. Drugs cheap but effective and often help to fight the infection worse similar.

Ointments and creams

These antifungal agents easily cope with the pathogen in the initial stages. Stop the growth and development of the pathogen the fungus, it dissolves the cell membrane and destroy the poisonous mushroom. The anti-inflammatory action some ointments to treat concomitant diseases of the skin.

Drugs of this group pharmacological have many advantages:

  • Have a few contraindications;
  • Creams and ointments, you can use up to a month, not afraid of side effects and of overdose;
  • The medication is applied to a point on the area affected by a fungus stage of the dermis;
  • The same ointment used to treat infections of the skin and nails.
The operation

Creams, unlike ointments contain petroleum jelly. Apply them more convenient and easy. They do not pollute the clothes, and fast absorption.

The lack of these tools is that they are evil for help with complicated forms of fungal infections. In this case, the use of combination therapy, in addition to the assignment of tablets for oral.


After the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease fungal treatment course continue to not less than two weeks. This is necessary for the complete freedom from fungal infections.

Often the use of such anti-fungal creams and ointments:

  • Clotrimazolum. It is a medication broad-spectrum. Hormones in the composition of the drug is missing. Apply the medication for a month, causing two-three times daily to the affected area. Onychomycosis is treated for much longer, in some cases up to a year. Contraindications for Clotrimazole cheap – allergic reactions, pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • Exoderil - the main component is a synthetic antifungal topical. The medication destroys or suspend the development of pathogenic fungi. After the application penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, acts on different types of pathogens of fungal infection. The cream is applied once or twice per day, the treatment depends on the stage of the disease. Contraindications only two – hypersensitivity to drug and pregnancy. Children up to the age of seven years the medication is not prescribed;
  • Lamisil. The best remedy against all types of fungal infections. The main component of the medication – terbinafine. It is used for the treatment of infectious diseases of the skin and nails. Care for two weeks eliminates the skin infections, and onychomycosis is treated up to six months. There are no contraindications. Terbinafine is not prescribed to children, pregnant women, diseases of the liver, kidneys, blood vessels;
  • Nizoral. It slows the growth of pathogenic fungi in the first few days of taking it, thus preventing further infections. With prolonged use, it completely destroys the agents of mycoses. The main component of the medication – ketoconazole. Helps to deal with different types of fungi – superficial and deep. During the course of treatment – from one to eighteen months. Contraindications only refers hypersensitivity to the composition of the medicine and diseases of the liver;
  • Mycosan an Effective remedy against fungus on the feet. The main component of the drug – enzyme rye. It destroys the sheath lipid fungal spores. Quickly heals onychomycosis, caused by dermatophytes. The kit includes lime disposable for the treatment of the nail plate. The first results of the treatment you can see already after 2 weeks. The ointment is not possible to apply pregnant women and patients with diabetes mellitus. It is also not recommended for children under three years of age.


Spray form of antifungals does not require direct contact with the direction of the district. Then their is always more often prescribed in the treatment of different types of fungal infections. The most effective drugs refers to:

  • Lamisil. In the bottle contains a weak solution of terbinafine, excipients and fillers. The medication in the form of a spray easily penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and nails. The treatment of athlete's foot is only a week. Possible side effects – redness and itching of the skin, irritation, urticaria. In this case, the drug should be stopped;
  • Bifosine the active principle of a group of derivatives azola, derivatives of imidazole. Antifungal agent. Has fungicidal action. Destroys pathogens of fungal diseases. The drug is sprayed on the affected area once a day, in the evening. Foot fungus treated in this way for a month. After the disappearance of the symptoms of athlete's foot spray continue to apply at least two weeks, otherwise the disease may return;
  • Termykon. Destroys pathogenic bacteria and fungi, reduces inflammation. With his help, athlete's foot can heal in a single week. Applied spray once a day. The drug is also used to prevent fungal infection of the foot. For this medication is applied to the foot before visiting the swimming pool, the sauna, the beach and other places where contamination is possible athlete to stop. The drug is not prescribed to pregnant women, lactating women, children children.


Aerosols combine with folk remedies. Just so you can get good results in the fight with the athlete.

Medicines for removal of the nail of the patient

If the disease has gone too far and treat the athlete hit the nail failed, it is removed. With the time, in the place of the patient's nail will grow a new, healthier. Remove the plate can be surgical, laser and medication.

Nogtivit – pharmacy the medication, painless that allows you to clean the affected area athlete of the nail. It is a good alternative to surgery.

Nail pre-steam and hot water. He added a bit of baking soda and liquid soap. Then clean the skin around the nail bed and gently stick it with a bandage. Nail to treat a nail-file for better penetration of the medication.

The medication is applied a thick layer on the sick area. On the skin the drug should not enter. Then stick the patch and left for three to four days. The result of the action of drugs in the nail, exfoliate, and easy to remove. The procedure if necessary, perform again.


Treatment with drugs for local action are not always lets you get rid of mold stop. Then the patient is prescribed comprehensive therapy, which includes anti-fungal medications for oral.

Very often, when you avium stop prescribing these drugs:

  • Fluconazole – medication destroys the cells mycelium, it is effective for many types of fungal infections. Individual dosage. Take once a day. The treatment lasts up to a full get rid of the fungus. Control the therapeutic effect with the help of a laboratory test. The drug is a lot of contraindications, with caution is prescribed for diseases of the kidneys, of the liver. Pregnant women and children up to a year these pills drink;
  • Termykon. Inhibits the development of pathogenic fungi, heals many types of fungal infections. Drink this medicine once a day. The average rate of three month treatment. The contraindications are minimal – pills not prescribed to women in pregnancy and breast-feeding, and even small children up to 3 years;
  • Ketoconazole. Effective in the treatment of the execution of mycosis. It is contraindicated in diseases of the liver, pregnancy. It has a lot of side effects, is incompatible with a number of pharmacological agents, then it only applies on the prescription of the doctor. Sold strictly on prescription;
  • Itraconazole. It is available in capsules, is effective for many types of fungal infections. Drink twice a day after meals. The treatment depends on the type of fungus and the affected area.

Take pills-antifungals only a doctor can. These medicines a lot of contraindications and side effects. Their not you can drink in a number of diseases. Self-medication with oral anti-fungal medications are dangerous to health and life of the patient.

Salt Peeling

Folk remedies

Help in the treatment of foot fungus these medications can only in the initial phase of the disease. Used in combination with medication. The remedies of the folk medicine to accelerate the recovery, regeneration of the tissues, and prevent the spread of a fungal infection, improve the general condition of the patient. Apply the traditional methods of treatment only after consultation with the doctor.

The popular recipes to fight the microflora pathogenic:

  • Vinegar – an effective tool against the fungus. Is applied in the form of baths, lotions, ointments. The acidic environment is harmful to all types of fungal infections. Pack with the 9 percent solution of vinegar applied to the infected nail, keep the digitech for 10-15 minutes. The procedure is repeated several times a day. After two weeks, the symptoms of athlete's foot should disappear. Bath do so: a glass of vinegar and add into a bowl with lukewarm water, you soar in the legs for 15-20 minutes. Pass the treatment a couple of times a week, up to the complete liberation from fungal infections. Ointment vinegar-based and serve yourself, mixing it with glycerin, olive oil, and dimethyl ether. This mixture is applied on the diseased nail and leave for a couple of hours. Then the remains of an ointment wash soap;


The vinegar is forbidden for pregnant women and children up to 5 years and people with an allergy to acid. Before applying the instruments based on need of medical advice.

  • The peroxide of hydrogen. In the pre-steam-nails force a piece of cotton soaked with hydrogen peroxide. Leave the swab for about half an hour. If you do this procedure twice a day for two weeks, the fungus should disappear without the risk of recurrence;
  • Soda. Alkaline environment violates the vital functions of mushrooms, causes the death of their cells. Soda helps the recovery of the nail plate, reduces inflammation, kills harmful micro-organisms. Used in the form of pasta, and a bathroom. For the preparation of a paste of baking soda mixed with water to obtain a homogeneous mass. Then, this mixture is applied on the nails, gently processing the area affected. Pass therapeutic the procedure a couple of times a day. Baths prepared by dissolving the sodium bicarbonate in 5-7 litres of water. Also, add two spoonfuls of salt and a little iodine. Dangling feet in the water a couple of times a week for 15-20 minutes;
  • Alcoholic solution of iodine. For the destruction of a fungus at the foot a couple of drops of iodine solution applied to the surface of the nail. The procedure is performed twice a day, for a long period of time. Still a recipe a day 15 minutes to the bathroom. In a couple of litres of lukewarm water, add 15-20 ml of a solution of iodine. Are treated in a way that not less than two months;
  • lodinolum – based drug of iodine, that also helps to get rid of onychomycosis. The medication is applied yes nail sick, or is applied to it wrap. Digitech attached a patch and are changed twice a day.

In some people, there is a hypersensitivity to iodine. Before applying it you need to check yourself of allergic reactions. You can do so: put a little bit of solution to the skin. If there is a strong redness and itching, apply the medicines based on iodine, the patient can not.

How to treat athlete's foot

For the medications have helped, but the fungus disappeared quickly and permanently, it is necessary during the treatment to observe simple rules:

  • It is necessary to wash the feet first to apply for their medication. Wash, preferably in hot water, soap. If the patient onychomycosis, then you need to steam the damaged nail in a tub with warm water. The duration of treatment is not less than five minutes. The medication as a result of this, it penetrates into the deeper layers of the nail, and face, at best, a pathogenic fungus;
  • Nail sick, there is a need to cut as short as possible. Must not only eliminate intervening steps, but, and gently get rid of break parts. Make these procedures is better after the steam cooking;
  • Medication must also be applied to all the affected areas. Also need to handle the healthy tissues adjacent;
  • Assign the right treatment can only a dermatologist or mycologist. For this he will take on the examination of samples of affected tissue and determine exactly how a mushroom train the patient. Also the doctor will examine the resistance of the fungus to the drugs and appoint the most suitable to the patient a complex of the drug;
  • Precautions to prevent reinfection treat solutions, disinfectants, shoes, manicure and pedicure tools, and other objects that could fall the spores of the pathogen.

Prevention of mycosis

To avoid the disease by a fungus of the foot, it is necessary to observe the rules of personal hygiene when visiting public places. These include beaches, swimming pools, saunas. The spores of pathogenic micro-organisms multiply in a moist environment, then legs after these places it is necessary to wash thoroughly and dry.


Treatment of fungal diseases deals with doctor-mycologist. In the case of the absence of the polyclinic to a specialist, you can consult a dermatologist. The self-medication is dangerous and will not lead to healing.

Do not wear shoes of someone else, including slippers. Personal hygiene items should also be everyone has their. The legs it is not possible to keep constantly in a wet environment. Cotton socks helps to not get sick in the athlete, the change should be as often as possible. Shoes in the summer, it is advisable to wear open. People with excessive sweating of the feet it is worth taking measures to reduce the sweating.

With the threat of infection from the fungus, it is possible to use the drugs. These drugs prevent the infection of the skin. Applied to them before or after visiting the beach, swimming pool, sauna.