The fungus in the feet: home treatment, prevention

Timely treatment to start is difficult, because the disease and its symptoms manifest themselves is not very fast. Despite this, a closer against your body so that you can get in a timely manner to diagnose the disease, to get treatment and to quickly get the positive result.

the fungus in the feet

Symptoms and diagnosis of the fungus feet

In its initial phase, the disease manifests itself in a barely visible stripes and spots on the surface of the nails of the feet. To see them is only possible if you look closely. As the fungus multiplies, stripes and spots very light, and the nail begins to change its shape. Occurs this process is quite slow and often unnoticed. As only the pathology reaches the most severe form, the patient is confronted with such characteristics, such as:

  • A strong feeling of burning and itchy;
  • Nail plate, thickening;
  • Observed fragility of nails;
  • On the card, and in the tissues that surround it, you will receive the plaque of white color;
  • Of the feet begins to come to an unpleasant smell.

Important! When you receive data signals, it is possible to judge the last degree of development of the disease. Cure fungus on feet at home in this case, it will be much longer and more complicated, but perhaps, if you follow the recommendations of the professional.

Delaying the start of treatment is strictly prohibited, as well as the pathology is not only a negative impact on the general state of the nails, but also for the overall health of the person. Harmful microorganisms do not live only on the surface of the nail, but can penetrate more deeply, reaching gradually the circulatory system. Present in the blood, the spores of the fungus harms the whole organism in general, each organ. If, for some reason, there is no possibility to see a specialist, it's worth it as soon as possible to start the treatment at home. the most important thing is to do nothing.

How to treat fungus on the feet?

As the competence to carry out the treatment of mildew in the house in the feet, it is a question that you need to do only technical. The reason is that ranges of more than 300 species of fungi, and each of them is characterized by its characteristics and the limits of resistance to any medicine.

Important! In the process of treatment of fungus on the feet you want to use as the orals, and the media. It is necessary to correct the condition, as externally and inside the infected body.

The tool external treatment is applied two to four times a day. These drugs effectively inhibit the reproduction process of the fungus. As to the oral medication, and still in the process of infiltration in the stomach, they spread by the blood. Passing through the body, they will destroy all microbes that cause disease. To achieve the best result in the treatment process, the specialist will tell you, not only in view of the fungus, but also on the degree of development of the pathology.

The initial step in the development of the disease

If the disease is identified in the initial phase, the treatment process does not take much time. Doctors prescribe medicines.

These drugs are released in the form of solutions and ointments. The first are applied to the treatment of the nails, cream for the treatment of the skin. Use the similar tools in strict accordance with the instructions, as well as comply with certain procedures. The foot need to wash, dry, and on the affected area apply drops of the medicine. Done this procedure several times a day, and the process of treatment lasts until the complete recovery.

Characteristics of the treatment in the second stage of the pathology

In this case, the situation is a little worse because of the disease at this stage of development already destroys a significant part of the nail plate. The patient begins to feel the discomfort of the disease – strong itching, burning, unpleasant odor. specialist at this stage, it assigns not only to other medications.

Are applied them to clean dry nails. Pre-procedure can be complemented removal of dead skin installments nails. Only after that they are applied to medicines. Removal of soils not consolidated parts of the nail, often contributes to the formation of voids that the treatment process is required to fill in a medicine. This significantly speeds up the offensive of a positive result. Such activities are necessary, until the patient does not nail completely will not be replaced completely healthy. The process is long, but it is guaranteed effective.

Treatment the execution of a form of the disease

At this stage of development the help of a doctor is very important, it is not any kind of self-medication. The professional with this phase of the development of the pathology assigns the pill.

Important! The tools of treatment, it is necessary to take only after consulting a doctor, because they have a large number of contraindications and side effects. Self-medication is fraught with serious complications.

The choice of medicine is made after undertaking a careful microscopic examination, such as the mould, and the general state of the organism. Simultaneously with the drugs the doctor required allocates procedures based on the prescriptions of folk medicine. Similar comprehensive treatment able to quickly provide getting a positive result. Among them, it is tubs are popular, as well as with their effective help to stop the progression of the pathology in other, healthy areas of the body.

Rules of application trays

Therapeutic baths are prepared with different components. Before presenting the attention of several common revenue, it is worth paying attention to the rules of this form of treatment. Otherwise, such procedures will not bring due effect. Among the main conditions, it is possible to highlight:

fungus treatment
  1. Tubs worth to do each day and before going to sleep.
  2. It is important to use boiled water.
  3. The temperature of the water should be cold and not hot, about 45 degrees.
  4. The procedure lasts, on average, is 15 minutes.
  5. It is important to perform a standard procedures with the washing of the feet and removal of Horny layers, such as the skin and the nail. You can do this by using the conventional pedicure tools, that after the application, it is important to carefully sanitized.

After the foot bath does not need anything to rinse, just wipe clean with a dry cloth, and treat assigned by your doctor antifungal medication means.

The ideal option would be the application of the trays with special soda. Cooking antifungal shower for feet in the house is quite simple – a couple of liters of water is taken 3-4 tablespoons of soda. This ingredient can create an alkaline Wednesday, that does not give to the fungi to develop. After the long-term, is the systematic application of such trays, the fungus fully retreats.

The main methods of treatment folk means

There are many different people's recipes for the treatment of fungal infection. Home remedies for fungus on the feet can be effective only in the initial phase of the development of the pathology. During the execution of a way that they are used exclusively in the proper along with a professional medical treatment drugs. Each of the methods, it is worth considering in more detail.

Treatment of garlic

Garlic – the most efficient of the products that you can use to troubleshoot fungal lesions. The teeth are crushed, and the knife in the form of a compress, follow the hit sectors. Preferably all set to a special bandage and keep the compress throughout the night. The treatment process does not stop, only in the morning and in the evening, it is time to change a compress.

The application of hydrogen peroxide

This tool is characterized ideal for an antibacterial effect. Before using the composition, the feet important to steam in a soda solution. The tool can be used in the form of lotions, dripping on the nails of a few drops, and after that apply them to cotton swabs. The compress should be kept in about an hour, and the procedure to be performed two times per day. With peroxide you can also make tubs, dilute 4 tablespoons of the drug in two liters of water. Walk in the solution need to maintain over the course of two hours and, preferably, twice a day – morning and before going to sleep.

Application of ammonia

Defeat quickly the disease can be with the help of ammonia. A false means of getting a divorce in 200 ml of water. In a solution of water and cotton balls or gauze and follow the hit sectors. The compress is also the best way to freeze, as well as their worth to leave for the night. To get the best result from the procedure to pass three times per week, up to disappear the symptoms of the disease.

Leaves of ash

In this case, it is important to use only fresh young leaves of plants collected in the ecologically clean. The base pounded before a special state grain, and then the composition is applied to beat the disease of locations throughout the night.

The treatment with the help of a lemon

Based recipes lemon, no less effective in the process of victory over the fungosas defeat. The fruit are cut into small pieces and follow the beat areas nail plates. The compress is necessary to correct the normal cling film and a bandage. The total time of this treatment, on average, is 10 days, and its main advantage is the ability to return to healthy nails species in any stage of development of the pathology.

All the folk remedies of treatment are characterized individual of side effects. It can be, as different external cosmetics of the manifestations, and the more complex consequences for the organism.

The rules of home treatment

home fungus treatment

Typically, a positive result becomes noticeable after a week of treatment. If there is a positive dynamic, the application of procedures not worth the stop for full recovery. Many times can occur a strong burning sensation of the affected area, the itching. If the sensations are unpleasant, the frequency of performance of procedures, can reduce, but not to stop, since the signs talk about the beginning of his recovery.

The treatment time can be different, it all depends on the degree of development of the pathology and varies from three weeks to a couple of months. The speed of the treatment depends on a careful implementation of certain rules. Among the most important, one can notice the following:

  • You can't attend the sauna and the bath;
  • It is worth to give up beaches and swimming pools, for some time;
  • It is important to have a change of socks;
  • Prohibited to perform the procedure pedicure;
  • After each washing of the feet need a lot of care with the clean up.

The main goal of treatment is to take care that the feet have always been dry. It is allowed even application of the special regime of icing.

In short

Although a certain effectiveness of the procedures, the home treatment of the fungus of the foot takes a lot of time and material resources. Exactly for this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to certain preventive measures. In other words, to notify the disease is much easier than later you to resolve.

It is important to know what are the preventive measures, related with prevention of injuries fungal. After all, even previously suffered from a disease is not a guarantee that the pathology is not possible to be infected again. The main preventive measures that can help to forget about this issue, refer such important factors, such as the constant observance of the rules of personal hygiene, the total prohibition of the use of a stranger's shoes and the use of foreign products, free.

In environments with high humidity, it is better not to move with your bare feet. It is very important, regularly washed and ventilate the items of the shoes. It is necessary to perform a course of treatment of varnish that address the fungal lesions.

The aforementioned rules guaranteed to get rid of the infection of this disease. It will also help to consideration to your health. When the first signs of mold, you should immediately ask for the help of a professional, who will prescribe quality treatment, based on body characteristics of the patient and the form of development of the fungus.