How to get rid of the fungus from the nail quickly

About the fungus, you should have heard of each one. And it always seems that is happening with it and can not. However, it is a misconception and the fungus can receive, absolutely any person. And this is why, it is necessary to know how it looks and what are the measures that you should take. If the time is not treated the disease, can appear the terrible consequences, and the treatment is very expensive and long.

How to get rid of nail fungus

So, nail fungus is an infection that can be transmitted from one person to another. Many times, people respond to this infection, take a bath or a shower in the showers or baths. It is also easy for them with more common devices for nails, a cutter or scissors. For this reason, it's not worth to borrow and share these things with other people. In addition, in the process of varnish for the nails, it is worth paying attention to how processes to dominate the manicure tools. Unfortunately, the fungus can receive and regular, with an impact or damage of the nails.

How to get rid of the fungus from the nail quickly

In the beginning, the man even think and reflect, not can, that this in fact is not just a bruise or injury, at the most, the fungal infection will develop. Then, the nail begins to crumble, to detach and accept the opinion ugly.

To get rid of the fungus from the nail quickly first, you must prepare the following ingredients:

  • A 15% barium sulphide and normal talc;
  • resorcinol;
  • salicylic acid or benzoic acid;
  • normal vaseline;
  • iodine;
  • doctor iodide of potassium;
  • lanolin;
  • crystal iodine;
  • special drug".

From iodide of potassium, and lanolin serves a creamy mixture and grease, within a period of 10 days, applied on the to hit the nail. After you shoot the soft remains of the nail and cover the place of the following tool ( 10 gr of lanolin and iodide of potassium + 0,2 gr. the crystal of iodine). In parallel to drink an antifungal medication, which named the dermatologist. Each night, you are supposed to steam the legs and the nail file to carefully clean the affected area of the nail for 2 weeks.


How to cure nail fungus

Each person should know the signs of nail fungus and when it appears urgent to take measures.

  • The symptoms of nail fungus:
  • Seal abundance and fragility of the nail;
  • The emergence of crumbs underneath the nail;
  • Strong irregularity of the surface;
  • Changed the shape and the texture;
  • Pale, too dark, or dark-colored nail plate.

If there are any similar symptoms, at least in a nail, it is urgent need to take action. The first thing worth visiting a dermatologist, an examination (scraping) and get the result. Only on the basis of this result, one can start the treatment. Methods of treatment of fungus there are many, but not all of them fit in a specific case, rare and valuable. The condition for complete recovery, this addictive special antifungals, that can assign only qualified personnel of a dermatologist. Many capsules, varnishes, adhesives and creams. So, there are home remedies, in a struggle for healthy and beautiful nail. Lucky they are not used more than 2 times a week, they are suitable for the entry level of the diseases of the nails. The stickers as well exfoliate the damaged nail surface, accelerating the healing process. The most effective way of antifungosa empiric appropriate ointment or cream. In combination with medications and procedures contained in the cure nail fungus happens more quickly. In the process of treatment, necessarily, need to constantly disinfect shoes with formalin solution. Socks and tights of the same need to disinfect, you can do this by boiling for 20 minutes in soda solution, as well as bed-linen. Necessarily need to ironed all the things with care .


Popular for the treatment of nail fungus

More often faced with the nail fungus, treat, begin to folk media. They and cheaper and, sometimes, much more effective pills expensive. The best folk remedy for many diseases is iodine. Therefore, the first remedy of the people shall be created on the basis of this ingredient. Within 2 weeks, morning and night, the stain of the affected nails of a 5% m and returns with a solution of iodine. For the treatment of quality it is worth to process and neighbors nails, but not for more than a day. If there is a slight burning sensation, tooth and unpleasant pain around the nail, this means that will the active recovery process. However, the pain should not be very strong, in this case, you must ignore the procedure.

An excellent tool for fungus, is the propolis. It is worth to take advantage of 20% tincture is and will be the most effective treatment for nail fungus. Then, you should wet a cotton ball on the dye and constant apply it to the diseased nail. The procedure repeat every day for 20 days.

The wonderful method of treatment of an infectious disease nails is based in the tea house on the mushroom. Board of kombucha applied to the nail, carefully wrap cellophane and the tighter you apply a dressing to it during the night. This compress may cause very strong pain, but she simply has to endure and is not to withdraw the tool. Only in the morning take it out, and wash the foot with warm water, get rid of mild installments of nail and skin after treating the iodine. Repeat the procedure needs 3 times in a day.

Folk remedies of toenail fungus

If the fingernail is infected by a fungus, it is worth to take urgent measures for its treatment. Much more effective of the people of revenue may save the disease.

A good ointment, which can be prepared independently in the following way: join us at 1:3 acetic acid-70%, and glycerin, and then add 4 drops of tea oil.

The golden vc

Smoother recipe ointment forgiving nail fungus: mix child and cream protein of an egg + 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Making the affected nails, wind bag of a bag and put on socks.

The ointment to the base of dimethyl phthalate. Recipe: 1 h. spoon, dimethyl phthalate, 1 St. tablespoon of vinegar or normal vegetable oil, add the raw chicken egg, mix all and put in the fridge for a few hours. When the light of the form ringworm can make compress only at night, putting in bags and special socks. But when the severe form of the disease, it is advisable to use it constantly. Is well helps compress of vinegar or iodine, and thus daily compresses to ash, honey or golden uca.