Fungus on the nails spoils the appearance of the feet: then it is a shame for them

yellow nail plate with fungus

And it’s a shame to go out with sandals, and it’s painful to go through, and it smells not amber. . . So, the fungus has infected the nails. . . For the sake of feet with such nails, it’s not because they don’t shoot. or against, they just shyly turn away from them. Toenail fungus on the hands needs to be treated more rarely - the conditions for it are not the same. Toenails, almost always hidden in shoes, are the ideal mycelium: warm, moist and dark. Here half of the people on Earth suffer from nails, because in the early stages it is difficult to visually see the fungus, and then already have to find an effective remedy for nail fungus, and to cure both feet and nails for a long time. And people suffer from this disease since ancient times: even the ancient Greeks called the infection "onyomycosis", which translates as "nail fungus".

Signs of the disease

Some symptoms indicate whether nail fungus has appeared or not. Here are the hard ones to miss:

  • nails thicken, this is the keratinization of the nail bed (this is how the body resists the fungus), which, by the way, greatly interferes with treatment;
  • they thicken, become brittle and fragile;
  • its shape becomes unsightly, its edges uneven;
  • nails become dark, luster disappears;
  • when cleaning the nails, a foul odor is clearly heard.

Where can you be infected?

And where conditions are right for them. Bathing others (remember, warm and humid), bathrooms or dressing rooms, where both heat and humidity are excessive, and in addition, at least for a while, the person is barefoot. And why are slippers offered to guests by owners not good for the transmission of this infection? But in order not to scratch your head later, figuring out how to cure nail fungus, you need the most basic precautions. It is not difficult to make a hygienically clean bath; use private slippers in the bathroom, shower and dressing room. Well, in order not to be infected with fungus through other people’s nail files or manicures or other pedicure accessories, you must follow the timeless rule - don’t touch other people!

See a doctor soon!

While there are many effective folk remedies for nail fungus, it is important to see a doctor. There are at least two reasons for this. The first is that fungi can be of different types, and the treatment of varieties requires drugs of different compositions. The second reason is that often nail fungus disease is a continuation of foot fungus disease. And here there is such a danger: the very fungus between the fingers can easily be confused with trophic ulcers (due to blockage of arteries). Treatment of ulcers with antifungal agents can cause burns and an increase in ulcer area, and they have healed badly due to lack of oxygen in the tissues. Therefore, a doctor who specifically and correctly will advise how to treat nail fungus. Drug treatment is carried out with special solutions and varnishes, there are also drugs taken by mouth. In the case of a very advanced infection, they also had to remove the nail plate (quite painful, but it grows back quickly). You have to be patient, and then take good care of new nails.

Fungi and traditional medicine

Kombucha from toenail fungus

It has long been observed that people with lice and fungus rarely go to the doctor. Are they embarrassed, or what? Unfortunately they are infected. Why then, after having a sore throat, rush to the doctor? So they try to heal themselves. Fortunately, treatment with folk remedies for fungus is quite effective. Yes, and with the survival of fungal infections, it is better to approach it thoroughly. That is, any remedy for nail fungus is suitable, even folk, even medicine, but better together. For example, propolis. How can a remedy for nail fungus prevent any remedy taken internally, if the treatment for them consists of the daily use of tampons soaked in twenty per cent tincture of this bee product?

There are many recipes of traditional medicine to combat the fungus, even if you compile the whole volume: the fungus does not see the difference of race, gender, nationality, age. Therefore, each nation has its own medicine. Moreover, the range of raw materials used for its preparation is unlimited. Let’s say anyone can find fresh rowan leaves, knead and apply them like a compress.

Here is a "greenhouse" for fungi: raw eggs mixed with vegetable oil or seventy percent vinegar, with the addition of one teaspoon of dimethyl phthalate purchased from a pharmacy or "Household products". The mixture is stored in the refrigerator. It is applied on the affected nails, wrapped with cellophane, stockings placed on top. This should be done 4 nights in a row, then the old nails peel off, grow smooth and healthy.

Compressed kombucha is also used to treat toenail fungus. The treatment is quick but very painful.

Or here is an ointment for nail fungus from medicines and herbs: gruel made from pharmaceutical iodinol and dried celandine. After a week of daily use, old nails come off painlessly, and healthy young nails grow.

In each particular case, unless you are looking for folk recipes on the Internet, it will turn to the advice of a friend who has dealt with this problem and successfully solved it.