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  • Иванка
    I start walking in the pool and after a couple of weeks I felt an itch between the toes of the feet. With the time he has spread the stop, and the whole added to the bad smell. Medical education was not accurate, to understand that it is a fungus. I remembered that, on the eve, saw the review about the cream tinedolthen decided, and the own attempt. I got an excellent symptoms have passed very fast, and most importantly of re-infection not happened, even in spite of the fact that the classes, hydro-gymnastics, I do not leave. So, I advise all of you a chance tinedol!
  • Георги
    I don't know where he got the marriage for these things, but the fungus of the foot gave me a lot of inconvenience. Of feet and shoes came scary the smell, despite the fact that I have well kept hygiene. Go to the doctor, I was very shy, so I decided to self-medicate. I bought an ointment to the other. Some cleaned up the itching and foul smell, but only for a time, and some a little ослабляли symptoms, and only at the time of the request. I realized, that to be ashamed of yourself as far as possible, when I noticed that the skin is already covered in small wounds. The doctor recommended me a cream tinedoland it is only salvation. The fungus is non-refundable, it is already the third month, so that I recommend to everyone!!!
  • Росица
    The daughter came from childhood, camp and became to complain about the itching stop. Today, we went to the doctor. Was the fungus. The doctor suggested a cream Tinedol and said that, despite its totally safe composition, it is very effective. Some times I wrote cream, and on the third time that the daughter refused to be treated, as well as has nothing to worry about, but the course still, we finished. After a few weeks, I felt that the own crashed, decided to your doctor to not go, and named Tinedol, which also lost to as well!
  • Стефан
    For a long time I thought that the unpleasant smell of stop – this is natural. But when they began to appear cracks, nail plate, becomes thicker, I knew it was time to consult a specialist. I was prescribed a special course of tablets and a cream tinedol. The result didn't have to wait a long time – now live without shame in the "smell" of the foot.
  • Йорданка
    Husband picked up a fungus, but the doctor, of course, driving was impossible (here all the arguments impotent), so I decided to see in the forums, so that those who helped him. All highly praised Tinedolso I decided to book. Don't know how I had the other medicine, but this took away the symptoms very quickly, and the relapse after the end of the use of a cream that the husband had not. So, I recommend to all!!!
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